Dental Insurance Options

Dental insurance is a crucial component in safeguarding you and your family’s overall health. Dental coverage is also a significant factor in dental visits and overall well-being.

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No Waiting Periods

Large Network of Providers

$100 Lifetime Deductible

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

Nearly 78% of Americans with dental coverage visit the dentist at least once a year versus only about half or 52% who don't have coverage.*

The cost of dental care has steadily risen in dental offices across the country. The bottom line is dental care is expensive and the best way to help pay for it is to have a good dental insurance plan which helps participate in reducing the costs of maintaining a healthy mouth. Healthy teeth and gums do more than providing you an attractive smile. Good dental health, and good dental insurance, is a smart way to help keep your whole body healthy.

Elements of a dental plan

Be sure to review terms in each plan, such as waiting periods and if you are guaranteed to be accepted into the plan regardless of your age or pre-existing dental conditions. Read the fine print too to make sure that major services such as crowns, inlays, root canals, implants, bridges and dentures are covered. Make sure to check that your dental plan has a high enough annual maximum to cover your estimated yearly dental expenses – which will come in handy if you are having major dental services performed.

Depending upon where you live, Spirit Dental may offer an automatically increasing dental insurance annual maximum plan starting at $1,200 in year one, increasing to $2,500 in year two and increasing to $5,000 in year three and thereafter. Spirit Dental also offers plans in most states with flat annual maximum amounts of either $1,200 or $3,500. 

An ounce of prevention can save you from major dental expenses in the future

Studies show that those who visit the dentist for exams and cleanings on a regular basis have a much better chance of avoiding tooth decay, gum disease, and major dental problems later in life. Spirit Dental covers two exams and three cleanings per year making it easy and inexpensive for you to visit the dentist on a regular basis.*

Did you know that your dentist can detect up to 120 symptoms of different diseases, including diabetes and heart disease? Early detection of certain diseases, like diabetes, has proven to be one of the best ways to prevent further complications. In addition, regular preventive dental care can lower your blood sugar levels, helping you manage your overall health, as well as health care costs.**

Look to Spirit Dental for Dental Plans You Can Afford

While shopping for an affordable plan it is important to look not only at price but benefits as well. A low-cost plan that doesn't cover what you need may not be a good value after all. Make sure you inspect the fine print to ensure procedures you want are covered and check for length of waiting periods too. Comparing all the dental plans available today may be challenging – but with Spirit Dental you'll find many good options.
With Spirit Dental, you'll find flexible, affordable plans that help fit your needs and those of your family. Get a free instant quote today - and see for yourself what Spirit Dental can offer you!


Individual Dental Insurance

Individual dental insurance is coverage sold directly from insurance companies to clients. If you¹re one of the 10 million American who don't have dental coverage from an employer or just one of the 126 million American lacking dental coverage it¹s important to seek coverage elsewhere. Dental health is important to your overall good health so not having insurance may tempt you to skip regular cleanings and check-ups, a decision that could lead to serious dental health problems. The Spirit Individual Dental insurance plans are designed to help fill these types of gaps offering a range of plans and price points.

(Sources: CareerBuilder and Economic Modelling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) (February 2014) and National Association of Dental Plans (February 2014))


Low-cost Dental Insurance is Possible

Dental health ­ and maintaining your healthy smile ­ is important to your overall good health but can be an expensive proposition. Finding a plan to best fit your needs, while still considering cost can be difficult, but we believe Spirit Dental has options that can fit your insurance needs. Let Spirit Dental help in your search for dental plans that fit your needs as well as your wallet ­ you may find it's not as hard as you think.


Dental Insurance for the Whole Family

Buying family dental insurance can potentially save on the cost of monthly premiums as it is often less expensive to purchase family coverage rather than individual coverage for all family members. Most insurers offer family dental plans. If you are self-employed or if your employer does not offer family dental coverage, you can always seek insurance from insurance providers yourself. The important thing is not to ignore this key safeguard for your family's health. Spirit Dental is a good option for families. The plans have a strong preventive element built into their design, in addition to dental insurance no waiting period for major services.


Dental Implant Insurance

Dental implants are the most natural, comfortable and permanent solution to missing teeth. Unlike dentures or removable bridges which may be loose or uncomfortable, dental implants look better, feel better and make it possible to eat the crisp and crunchy foods you love. Some dental insurance plans don’t cover implants. Some plans exclude implants because they are classified as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Others exclude implants coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Finally, other dental plans offer partial coverage but then impose waiting periods – some as long as 5 years -- before you qualify for care.  At Spirit Dental, we believe that dental implants should be a viable option for everyone. For that reason, every Spirit Dental plan includes coverage for dental implants from day one. No waiting. Now that’s something to smile about.


Your pain doesn't wait, why should you. Dental Insurance with no waiting period

If you’re in need for dental insurance, you want coverage now, not in six months or next year.  You expect your plan to cover your dental services when you need them – not in the distant future.  Unfortunately, some dental insurance carriers impose a waiting period on plan coverage. The details may be buried in the fine print, but the impact on your coverage is clear.  A waiting period may leave you without coverage – and when you need it most.  When this happens, you’re forced to pay out of pocket 100% of your dental service costs, along with the insurance premium you’ve already paid.  With Spirit Dental, we keep things simple, with no surprises.*

*There are no waiting periods on Preventive, Basic or Major services.


The Spirit Dental Network Advantage

Selecting a plan that utilizes a dental network can potentially save you money. Dentists in a network have agreed to accept negotiated fees and generally provide discounts on dental services.


Options to Choose Your Dentist

This Spirit dental plan gives you the freedom to use any dentist were services are paid as "usual and customary"* with the added advantage of utilizing a cost savings coverage rider (or PPO Dental Network) for additional savings.

With Spirit Dental we believe in giving YOU the option of how you want to save.  Your options will vary depending on the state you live in, your preference of dentist and your choice of coverage.  Click here to find the options available in your state.

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