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With Spirit PPO plans, enjoy more savings when visiting an in-network dentist. These dentists will often set lower rates for patients with the right insurance plan, which means you will be able to enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs.

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No Waiting Periods

Large Network of Providers

$100 Lifetime Deductible

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage At Year 3

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage At Year 3

Spirit PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) dental plans are affordable and provide easy access and savings to dental care. PPO plans allow you to see any dentist and offer large networks of dentists contracted with the insurance plan to offer lower rates.

All Spirit plans are PPO plans and provide access to the Ameritas network of over 136,000 dentists offering 25-50% lower rates on services.

Find your Spirit PPO dental plan offering immediate dental benefits for covered services today!

See the benefits with a Spirit PPO dental plan

Compare affordable PPO dental plans

Run your quote and shop PPO dental plans side-by-side and match your needs.

Easy to see your dentist

PPO dental plans allow you to see any dentist and receive coverage, though you’ll receive more savings when you visit a dentist in-network.

25-50% in-network savings

Spirit gives you access to the Ameritas network of over 130,000 dentists nationwide, offering 25-50% instant savings on services and procedures.

Immediate full coverage benefits

All Spirit plans offer no waiting period dental insurance, so you can see your dentist ASAP with benefits for preventive care, basic care, major care and child orthodontia treatments.

Is a Spirit PPO dental plan right for me?

Making dental care easily accessible and affordable is what makes Spirit one of the top dental plans available on the individual market. With all plans offering no waiting periods, Spirit puts the focus on getting the dental care you need when you need it a top priority.

How do these plans benefit you?

Easy access to dentists

Flexibility to choose any dentist or specialist and receive savings immediately.

Convenience with a strong network

Spirit offers access to the Ameritas network, which provides one of the nation’s top dental networks. This network offers the convenience of a nearby dentist and additional savings.

Full coverage immediately

Next-day dental coverage for your filling, implant procedure or child orthodontia treatments.

Lifetime deductible

Pay your deductible once and never again!

High annual max

Spirit Pinnacle offers a $5,000 annual maximum in year three.

Implant coverage

Spirit plans help cover all three parts of the implant: abutment, post and crown.

Dual dental insurance coverage

Spirit does not coordinate benefits with other dental plans, which gives you more savings for supplemental coverage.

80th UCR out-of-network coverage for Spirit Flex plans

Spirit looks at 8 out of 10 dentists in your area, giving you the best opportunity for savings.

Spirit offers two types of dental plans: PPO & Flex

Spirit PPO plans provide access to over 130,000 dentists with 25-50% savings. You’ll pay more for services when visiting a dentist out-of-network. These plans are more affordable as you won't receive as much coverage when you go out-of-network.

With a Spirit Flex plan, you’ll receive a higher reimbursement rate (80th percentile UCR – usual and customary rate) when visiting an out-of-network dentist. You’ll also still receive the network benefits when visiting an in-network dentist, providing you with the best of both worlds!

Spirit PPO

  • $
  • Less out-of-network benefits
  • Network savings

Spirit Flex

  • $$
  • Higher out-of-network benefits
  • Network savings


Compare different types of dental plans

Choose the best dental plan that works for you and keep your oral health in check and your budget intact:

PPO dental insurance plans

PPO plans provide flexibility in the dentist or specialist you want to see. These plans offer networks of dentists that provide lower rates with your insurance plan. You can also visit out-of-network dentists with coverage. 

HMO dental insurance plans

HMO plans are limited in which dentist you can see and do not provide out-of-network benefits. These plans are typically lower in premium cost per month. 

Indemnity dental insurance plans

Indemnity plans allow you to see any dentist and operate on a maximum allowance per procedure. Sometimes these plans are paired with a PPO plan, as is the case with Spirit Choice plans. 

Discount dental insurance plans

Discount plans act like coupons for in-network providers. You must see a dentist in the network, and there are no out-of-network savings. 


Dental terms to understand while you shop

PPO & Networks

Preferred Provider Organizations allow you to see any dentist in or out-of-network. If you visit a dentist in-network, you’ll receive instant savings of 25-50% on dental services.


Based on the dental category your oral need falls into (basic, major, preventive, ortho), coinsurance is a percentage the plan will pay, and you will cover the rest.


The deductible is what you’ll pay before your benefits begin.

Annual max

This is the cap on the benefits your insurance plan will pay annually from when the plan begins (benefit year). This is taken from the coinsurance used.

Waiting period

Waiting periods are a set timeline until your coverage begins, typically six to twelve months for basic and major care. Spirit offers no waiting periods on all plans.

Is your dentist in-network

Searching for your dentist is easy. Visit the Ameritas provider search portal, enter your zip code and view in-network dentists in your area.

Out-of-network benefits

When your dentist isn’t in-network, you can still receive benefits from visiting a dentist out-of-network. 

The best PPO dental insurance plan is best served with no waiting periods

Shopping for dental insurance can be overwhelming, given the variety of plans on the market today. Spirit knows it should be easy to get the dental care you need when you need it. 

Whether you're shopping for your individual needs, family needs, or just retiring, shop Spirit PPO dental insurance plans today and go where your smile takes you!

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  • 8/1/2024
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