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Are you one of the hardworking self-employed individuals striving to make your dreams a reality? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 9 million Americans are self-employed, as of June 2023.

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No Waiting Periods

Large Network of Providers

$100 Lifetime Deductible

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

As you focus on building your own business, don't let the importance of your dental health take a backseat. You need to find an affordable self-employed dental insurance plan to protect you and your dental health.

 At Spirit Dental, we understand the unique needs of self-employed professionals like you, which is why we offer comprehensive dental insurance plans tailored specifically for the self-employed.


Why dental insurance for the self-employed matters

As a self-employed individual, you may not have the benefit of an employer-sponsored dental plan. Without proper dental coverage, routine check-ups, preventive care, and essential treatments can become costly. We believe that your oral health should never be compromised, and our self-employed dental insurance plans are designed to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Affordable self-employment dental insurance plans for every budget

We know that self-employed individuals need flexible options for dental insurance which is why we offer a range of dental insurance plans to suit your budget. Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or have an established business, we have the perfect plan for you.

Our dental insurance for the self-employed goes beyond basic check-ups. From preventive care like cleanings and X-rays to major services such as root canals and crowns, we've got you covered. No need to worry about unexpected dental expenses that could dent your financial stability.

Enjoy the freedom to choose with Spirit Dental self-employed dental insurance

We believe in empowering our members to make the best decisions for their oral health. With Spirit Dental, you have the freedom to choose any licensed dentist, allowing you to continue seeing your trusted dental care provider or explore new options.

We know your time is valuable, and your oral health shouldn't wait. That's why we offer dental insurance with no waiting period. Unlike many other dental insurance plans, our self-employed dental insurance kicks in immediately, so you can schedule that dental appointment right away.

Frequently asked questions about self-employed dental insurance

We understand that you might have some questions about self-employed dental insurance plans. That's why we have answered some of the most common questions we hear about dental insurance for the self-employed below.

Where do I input dental insurance premiums on my taxes if I'm self-employed?

As a self-employed individual, you may be eligible to deduct your dental insurance premiums as a business expense on your tax return. Typically, you can report these premiums on Schedule C (Form 1040), which is used to calculate your net profit or loss from your business. You should consult with a qualified tax professional or use reputable tax software to ensure you accurately claim the deduction and comply with all tax regulations.

What do I need to do to deduct my self-employed dental insurance premiums?

To deduct self-employed dental insurance premiums, follow these steps:


Determine Eligibility: Ensure that you qualify for the deduction based on your business structure and the type of dental insurance you have.

Keep Accurate Records: Maintain detailed records of your dental insurance premium payments and any related expenses.

Fill Out Schedule C: On your Schedule C form, find the "Insurance" section, where you can report the premiums you paid for dental insurance.

Consult a Tax Professional: If you are uncertain about the deduction or need personalized advice, it's best to seek guidance from a tax professional who specializes in self-employment taxes.

What is the best dental insurance for self-employed individuals?

The "best" dental insurance for self-employed individuals can vary based on individual needs, preferences, and budget. When choosing a dental insurance plan, consider the following factors:


Coverage: Look for plans that provide comprehensive coverage, including preventive care, basic procedures, and major treatments.

Cost: Evaluate the monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses to ensure they fit within your budget.

Network: Check if your preferred dentists are part of the plan's network to continue receiving care from familiar providers.

Reviews: Research customer reviews and ratings to gauge the satisfaction of current plan members.


At Spirit Dental, we offer a variety of dental insurance plans tailored for self-employed individuals, providing flexibility and extensive coverage to suit your needs.

How much is dental insurance for self-employed individuals?

The cost of dental insurance for self-employed individuals can vary depending on several factors, such as the level of coverage, location, age, and any pre-existing conditions. Monthly premiums for self-employed dental insurance plans can typically range from a few tens to a few hundred dollars.

To get accurate dental insurance quotes, visit our website or contact our dedicated customer support team. They will be happy to provide you with personalized options that align with your requirements.

How do you get dental insurance when you're self-employed?

Getting dental insurance for self-employed individuals is a simple and straightforward process:


Research Providers: Compare different dental insurance providers to find a plan that best suits your needs.

Choose Your Plan: Select a dental insurance plan that offers the coverage and benefits you require.

Apply Online: Many insurance providers, including Spirit Dental, offer online application processes that are quick and convenient.

Pay Premiums: Once your application is approved, pay the monthly premiums to activate your coverage.

Access Your Benefits: You can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having dental insurance and utilize your benefits for regular check-ups, treatments, and dental care.


Remember, Spirit Dental is here to support your dental health as a self-employed individual. Feel free to explore our plans or contact us for personalized assistance in choosing the right dental insurance coverage for you.

Trust Spirit Dental for your self-employed dental insurance

At Spirit Dental, we believe in transparency. Our team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and help you understand your coverage fully. With affordable dental insurance plans from Spirit Dental, there are no hidden fees or confusing jargon—just simple and honest dental insurance for the self-employed. It's easy to compare dental insurance plans and find the right self-employment dental insurance that fits your needs. Contact us today and discover how easy it is to get peace of mind with self-employed dental insurance from Spirit Dental.


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