Family Dental Insurance Plans

With the right dental insurance, you can save money whenever anyone in your family needs routine care, basic or major services, or orthodontics.

If you’ve hesitated to get this type of insurance in the past, consider that you can find surprisingly affordable yet comprehensive family dental insurance plans at Spirit Dental.  

Why family dental insurance is a good investment

Maintaining your oral health is important at every age. Unfortunately, dental care can get pricey — especially if every member of your family is seeing their dentist more than once a year for checkups and cleanings. And if cavities need to be filled, wisdom teeth need to be extracted, or braces are required to fix malocclusion, your wallet can certainly take a hit if you aren’t insured. 

While a routine exam and X-rays might cost $100 or more, major services might cost hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars. Orthodontics may cost you thousands as well. Consider, too, that emergency dental care can put a lot of strain on your budget. So, in addition to anticipated dental care, you also need to think about the potential costs of unexpected treatments you might need from a dentist or specialist. 

The solution is simple: affordable family dental insurance can give you peace of mind that’s priceless. With a dental plan that covers preventive, basic, and major services, you can save a substantial amount of money.

How to choose the best family dental insurance plan

Whether you’re shopping for dental insurance for a family of 5 or a family of 2, you have a lot of great options, especially if you check out what Spirit Dental has to offer. 

As you evaluate plans, keep the following in mind:

Out-of-pocket costs

In addition to the monthly premium, there will be other out-of-pocket fees you’ll be responsible for. These may include copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.  


Does everyone in your family use the same dentist, or do they see different dentists? Either way, using an in-network provider is usually the way to get the highest savings, so confirm that the professionals you’d like to use will accept the plan. You can also hone in on plans that have large networks or let you choose any dentist.  

Orthodontics coverage

If your kids end up needing orthodontics, you’ll be glad you have dental insurance that helps cover the cost. At Spirit Dental, you can find family dental plans that cover children’s orthodontics so you won’t have to stress about how you’ll afford this expensive treatment. 

Waiting periods

Some dental plans come with waiting periods that delay when your family can start receiving care. Spirit Dental offers plans without waiting periods, so no one will have to hold off on seeing the dentist once you’re enrolled. 

Limits and restrictions

Check a plan’s details carefully to look for information on annual limits, pre-existing conditions exclusions, and other restrictions. Doing so will help you know what to expect when it comes to what is and isn’t covered. 

Spirit Dental insurance plans for families

Here are some of the reasons why Spirit Dental is the best family dental insurance provider:

Want to see what’s possible for you and your family? Get a free quote today or contact us to have all of your questions answered. 



How much do most dental plans cover?
Plans vary in terms of what they cover, so if you’re searching for the best dental plan for your family, be sure to check all of the coverage details and limits. For example, you might find family dental insurance that covers 100% of the cost of preventive care, 80% of basic services, and 50% of major services. Some plans cover even more, such as orthodontics and implants. 
Is dental insurance tax deductible?
You might be able to deduct the cost of dental insurance if it’s for medical rather than cosmetic purposes. Work with a tax expert to determine if you can indeed deduct your dental insurance and dental care expenses. 
How do I choose a family dentist?
There are a lot of things to consider when searching for the right dentist. It’s wise to see a professional who has a positive reputation, years of experience, and the ability to provide top-quality care with the latest tools and technology. Also keep in mind that some dentists work with both children and adults, while pediatric dentists focus on kids. You can look through your insurance provider’s network to find a dentist that will help you save. 
Can I have two dental insurance plans?
Dual coverage, which involves having two dental plans, may be possible if you’d like to take that route. However, you can’t buy two separate Spirit Dental plans. Also, we don’t coordinate benefits and don’t check if another insurance provider has covered a portion of a procedure. Instead, we determine coverage based off the entire procedure. 
What is the cheapest dental insurance for family?
With a wide variety of policies to choose from, you can turn to Spirit Dental when you want a family plan that will be affordable and give you the right amount of coverage. Contact us if you need help selecting the plan that’s ideal for you and your budget.
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