How to Shop & Compare Dental Insurance

Things to consider when you compare dental insurance plans. When you are comparing dental insurance plans, all the options may seem overwhelming.

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No Waiting Periods

Large Network of Providers

$100 Lifetime Deductible

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

Choice of In-Network or Out-of-Network Providers

$5,000 Max Coverage Year 3

What are the important things to look for when you compare dental insurance plans? Below, we will look at four of the subjects to research and consider when you do your dental insurance plans comparison.

1. What are your dental needs?

If you are doing a dental insurance plan comparison, from any provider, you should consider your dental needs. For instance, do you have urgent dental work that needs to be addressed? Have you had a history of cavities, gum disease, or recurring dental issues? These are important to consider when you are comparing dental insurance plans because the more work that you need to have done, the faster your annual maximum will get eaten up and, subsequently, the more you’ll end up paying out of pocket.

Are you shopping for dental plans during Open Enrollment? Check out our Open Enrollment Spirit Dental page for more info!

2. Family members

Do you have a spouse and/or children who also need coverage? If so, choosing a family plan will be essential. If you have older kids, we offer college student dental insurance plans. When you're looking at dental insurance plans, compare how the deductibles, co-pays, calendar year annual maximums, and other restrictions are applied. For example, are deductibles assigned per person covered or is there one for the entire family? You’ll also want to know if your child’s sealants, braces or fluoride treatments are covered.

3. Monthly premiums

Before settling on an insurance plan, determine your monthly budget and what you can spend on your monthly premiums. Then you can compare dental insurance plans and select accordingly.

4. Waiting period and exclusions

Many insurance companies will impose a long waiting period after initial enrollment, usually 6-12 months, before covering major dental procedures. If you require immediate assistance and you’ve only just enrolled in their program, you may have to pay for the procedure out of pocket while still paying their premiums. With Spirit Dental, our no waiting period dental insurance means you're covered as soon as your account goes active.

Spirit PPO plans vs Spirit Flex plans

PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations) plans supply you with a list of dentists within their network to choose from. By choosing a PPO network plan, and visiting an in-network dentist, your monthly premiums are usually lower than any out-of-pocket expenses.

With Spirit Flex plans, you can choose the dentist you’d like to visit or choose a dentist who participates in the network. If your choice of dentist is a high priority, and they are not in-network, you have the flexibility to know that the payments are paid at a high “usual and customary” rate.

Deductible: Most insurance companies require insured individuals to meet an annual deductible before covering any dental work. When you compare insurance plans, it’s wise to research the details of each plan’s required deductible.

The Spirit Dental advantage

Compare dental insurance plans and see what the Spirit Dental advantage really means. At Spirit Dental, we offer affordable dental insurance with all the coverage you need and features like:

  • $5,000 Annual Maximum Dental Insurance: Should you find yourself in need of major dental work, Spirit Dental has you covered. Most common annual maximums are $1,000 - $1,500 per year, which could leave you paying out-of-pocket for major procedures. Spirit offers plans with an annual maximum of up to $5,000, which helps ensure more of your dental needs are covered. Please note that the $5,000 plans are not available in all states.
  • $100 Lifetime Deductible: Some insurance companies require you to meet an annual deductible before they begin to pay for your dental expenses. At Spirit Dental you pay a one-time lifetime deductible of $100 per insured.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance: With Spirit Dental, you simply select the plan that’s right for you. No proof of health is required. No being turned down because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Three Cleanings per Year: The industry standard is two cleanings per year. Driven by the belief that excellent physical health is closely linked to healthy teeth and gums, all Spirit Dental plans cover three cleanings per year.


Choose Spirit Dental for your dental insurance needs

Spirit Dental makes it fast and easy to get dental insurance quotes online and compare our dental insurance plans with other plans. You'll quickly discover the difference Spirit Dental can make. If you have any questions, our team is always available to help.

Frequently asked questions about comparing dental insurance plans

Comparing dental insurance plans can be a stressful proposition. Spirit Dental aims to make it less stressful, so we have answered some common questions about Spirit Dental and comparing dental insurance plans.

How much is Spirit Dental insurance per month?

If you compare dental insurance plan prices, you probably will have some sticker shock. Unlike other types of insurance that might scare you away when you see how much they cost, dental insurance may be surprisingly inexpensive. Spirit Dental can provide you with the low-cost solution you’re searching for. Plans range from $15 to $75 per month with a $100 one-time deductible.

Can I get dental insurance any time?

Yes! You don’t have to wait for Open Enrollment to sign up, so you can see how dental insurance plans compare and sign up at any time of the year, whether you’re between jobs, self-employed, running a small business or retired and looking for quality coverage.  

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