Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Affordable dental insurance is more than just a low-cost plan; it's meeting your dental and budget needs head-on so you can enjoy the peace of mind and savings that come with it.

No Waiting Periods

Large Network of Providers

$100 Lifetime Deductible

Choice Of In-Network Or Out-Of-Network Plans

$5,000 Max Coverage At Year 3

Choice Of In-Network Or Out-Of-Network Plans

$5,000 Max Coverage At Year 3

Dental care expenses can add up quickly; dental insurance works to lower those costs and protect your wallet. 

At Spirit Dental, our dental insurance plans with no waiting period put you in control of your oral health with immediate access to quality care and savings. 

How can affordable dental plans from Spirit help you save?

With Spirit Dental, you won't need to put off seeing the dentist because our affordable dental plans are designed to help you get the preventive care, basic services and major services you need to keep your whole mouth healthy.  

Here are some of the ways you can save with our affordable dental insurance:

We also offer affordable dental insurance that covers implants immediately.

Spirit Dental's affordable dental plans offer a host of perks

Just because you want an affordable dental insurance plan doesn't mean you need to sacrifice top-quality, comprehensive coverage. At Spirit, you can get a great plan at an affordable price. And we offer the following perks:

Guaranteed acceptance

Whether you need affordable family dental insurance or a plan that covers an individual, we guarantee that your application will be accepted. It’s that simple.

Coverage starts right away

Some insurers make you wait to start reaping your plan's benefits, but we provide dental insurance with no waiting period. With everyday effective dates, you can choose when you want your coverage to begin. That's right: affordable dentist insurance with no waiting period!

Choose your dentist

We know that finding a good dentist can take time, so once you’ve found one, you probably won’t want to stop using them. That’s why, with some of our dental plans, you have the option to choose any dentist.

Dental insurance plans for every budget and preference

Insurance can help you save a lot of money when it comes to preventive care and restorative treatments. Plus, you never know if you'll end up needing emergency dental care that could be shockingly pricey.

Bottom line: There are many reasons to enroll in dental insurance. The right coverage can help ensure you won't need to stretch your wallet, whether it's a routine visit or an emergency appointment.

At Spirit, you can choose from Flex and PPO plans to get the ideal coverage even when searching for the most affordable dental insurance plans in your area.

Spirit Flex plans

Spirit Flex plans are fee-for-service plans offering the most flexible coverage.

Plan features include:

  • Receive reimbursement for dental services performed
  • Get 50-100% of expenses covered for most services
  • Visit any dentist of your choice with no network limitations

Spirit PPO plans

Spirit PPO plans offer the highest cost savings with our participating dentist network.

Plan features include:

  • Choose from a large network of dentists for the most cost-savings
  • Enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs through negotiated network fees
  • All of our affordable dental plans use the Ameritas Network. If you don't already have a dentist, you can browse the network to find one.

Compare Spirit Dental to other carriers to see how much you can save

Compare dental insurance plans and see how our coverage and costs stack up against other popular dental insurance companies.

Frequently asked questions about affordable dental insurance plans

Finding affordable dental insurance is important for families and individuals of all ages, so you want to find out all the information you need before making a decision. We have answered some of the most common questions we get about affordable dental insurance plans below.

What Is the best affordable dental insurance?

While there are many options for dental insurance, Spirit Dental offers some of the best affordable dental insurance plans in the nation. Our affordable dentist insurance includes options to fit every need, including major services dental insurance and insurance for implants. We also offer affordable dental plans for seniors.

What tips can you give for how to get affordable dental insurance?

It's so easy to get affordable dental insurance with Spirit Dental. Our dental insurance experts can assist you in finding the best dental plan for your situation. Call us today at  (844) 833-8440 and get your full coverage dental insurance quotes and be covered quickly with no waiting period.

Is there a dental plan that covers everything?

Every type of insurance plan will have limitations and exclusions. The good thing, however, is that the limitations and exclusions vary by brand and plan so you can find a plan that best fits your needs and covers what you need to be covered. No one plan covers everything – and certainly, there is no plan out there that offers coverage at 100% for basic and major services. Visit our site and compare dental insurance plans to find one that best fits your needs


Who has the best low-cost dental insurance?

There are so many different dental plans available and every plan has someone in mind. Spirit Dental & Vision offers some of the best dental insurance policies with no waiting periods. With no waiting periods and everyday enrollment dates, you can get coverage as soon as you need it. Our plans also provide 100% coverage on preventive services and you only have to pay a one-lifetime deductible for the entire life of your policy. For low-cost dental insurance for individuals with no waiting periods, Spirit Dental & Vision is your best option.

Are dental discount plans worth buying?

Dental discount plans are a great alternative to dental insurance if you cannot afford the monthly premium of insurance or if you cannot find coverage that meets your needs. However, dental discount plans will not reduce your out-of-pocket costs on preventive, basic, and major services to the extent that PPO dental plans will. If you are considering a dental discount plan, it is important to weigh your options and ensure that you can find a provider within the dental discount plan network, as these networks are often smaller than traditional nationwide PPO dental provider networks.

Get affordable dental insurance with Spirit Dental

With Spirit Dental, you can sign up for our low-cost dental insurance with multiple plan options available for individuals, couples, and families. You choose the low-cost dental plan that is right for your needs. Just pay the monthly premium with a low $ 100-lifetime deductible.

Want to see just how affordable Spirit dental plans can be? Get dental insurance quotes online. If you like your options, you can begin the application whenever you're ready. It takes just a few minutes, so the whole process is quick and easy. 

Get your free quote!

  • 8/1/2024
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Dental insurance that starts immediately

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  • 8/1/2024

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