Importance Of Individual Dental Insurance

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By: Spirit Dental
February 9, 2015

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Individual dental insurance is often considered an 'additional' expense that is going to put a dent in one's personal budget. Most people decide to overlook it as a potential option because it simply does not fit into their monthly stipend. However, there are a number of reasons for having individual dental insurance because the costs attached to dental treatments will add up over time. The advantages far outweigh the negatives and it is essential to see how.


Let's imagine you do not have individual dental insurance and are relying on either staying orally healthy or simply footing the bill as the issues come around. Here are what the costs are going to end up looking like for some major and routine services.

  • Dental Fillings - $110
  • Root Canal -$600-1000
  • Teeth Extractions - $100-200
  • Sealants - $60-100

These are just some of the costs that will be attached with these treatments. It is important to remember the costs that come along with these treatments such as x-rays and other fees are not being taken into account and they should be. All of these costs would be covered with the right dental insurance package, benefits of having Dental Insurance should be flashing like a bright light at this point.


A patient that is going to be looking for the right treatment has the ability to go with a dentist that is going to do the job properly. There are a number of dentists out and about, but only a select few that are going to make sure the treatment is done appropriately.

When stuck with a certain budget, it becomes near impossible to go to any dentist because some of them might be out of your price range. If that is the case, you might end up settling for mediocre results and that is simply asking for trouble. If you had dental insurance, this would never even cross your mind. You go to the dentist that you want to go to.

Regular Maintenance

Those who do not have dental insurance are known for pushing the limits when it comes to their oral health. They will refuse to go to the dentist because it will end up being an 'unnecessary' cost that could have been avoided.

However, great oral health is key for your overall health and when you have dental insurance, you are not going to have to think twice about going to a dentist. It is recommendend that you see a dentist twice a year; Spirit Dental believes so strongly in the importance of routine check ups that Spirit will cover up three cleanings per year.

Significant Coverage

Even with a insurance plan where you are paying $30 a month, it will be easy to get over $1000 in coverage per year. This is often more than enough for people who are only going to be heading to the dentist here and there.

The coverage that is on offer will be based on the plan that has been signed up for. There is a lot of customization that goes into this process and Spirit is happy to walk through that process with you. That is the charm of having individual dental insurance through Spirit Dental.

The importance of individual dental insurance cannot be stressed enough for those who want to be free from the pressures of their budgetary demands.

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