Dental Insurance Helps Seniors Save Money

Senior Dental Health
By: Spirit Dental
June 21, 2016

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Taking care of yourself and your body is a top priority as you age. Staying healthy can help you stay younger longer, but it is important to stay knowledgeable about potential happenings so you can safeguard yourself against future problems.

The Facts

A recent study done by the American Dental Association noted that 66% of adults ages 65 and over have no dental coverage. The study also mentioned that, for the most part, Medicare has never covered comprehensive dental benefits for seniors.*

Refusing to purchase dental coverage can potentially result in large out-of-pocket expenses when a problem appears. Speaking to that point, findings from a past dental survey noted that the average dental out-of-pocket costs per household were $873 which is more than one-quarter (27%) of overall health care out-of-pocket costs.**

"A recent study done by the American Dental Association noted that 66% of adults age 65 and over have no dental coverage."

Peace of Mind for Seniors

The age-old question, “what could happen to me,” typically tends to arise when discussing insurance and preventive care. Well, teeth are like bones and over time, they will start to decay. The CDC Division of Oral Health noted that about 25 percent of adults 60 years old and older no longer have any natural teeth.***  As we age, we develop a new set of oral health needs. Purchasing a dental plan that can cover major services like crowns, root canals, implants, dentures, and bridges can save you hundreds in the long run.

"25% of adults 60 years old and older no longer have any natural teeth."

Besides having the security of knowing you are covered for a major expense, how does your purchase help you now? Spirit Dental plans cover three cleanings per year which will provide you with today’s standard of care. Each plan also offers guaranteed acceptance and allows you to select a personal dentist. With personalized care, your regular (covered) visits can help your dentist detect and evaluate any issue as it emerges--all while you’re secure in the knowledge that you’ve got the financial support to handle it.

Maintaining good oral health only helps in maintaining good overall health. You only have one vessel to get you through life, make sure you’re protecting it.

Seniors, a small investment now can help you save down the road. Purchase today, use tomorrow.

*Source: National Association of Dental Plans, February 2014
**Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, April 2009
***Source: CDC Division of Oral Health, July 2013

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