The Spirit of Innovation: Superior Dental Insurance Products for the 21st Century

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By: Spirit Dental
September 30, 2014

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Whether you’re searching for dental insurance for yourself, your children, or your aging parent, you’ve probably already made at least one unfortunate discovery:  shopping for plans can be confusing, overwhelming and downright frustrating.  Worse, unless you started your search here, at Spirit Dental, you probably got the impression (from our larger competitors) that dental insurance is expensive, never provides more than $1,000 or $1,500 per year in coverage, has required waiting periods, provides extremely limited coverage, and excludes some procedures altogether.  It’s hard to justify the costs of premiums when the major procedure you need is excluded – or exceeds your annual max.

“It’s as if the large insurance companies think you don’t know how to do basic math,” says Tom Mayer, founder and CEO of Spirit Dental.  “At Spirit Dental, we know our customers can do math.  They’ve got their own calculators.  They know how the dollars add up.”

Mayer, the outspoken critic of traditional dental insurance plans, says Spirit Dental’s products were designed to meet the needs of the 21st century consumer.  The key, he says, was creating a level of flexibility between plans to allow anyone to find a plan that’s best for them.  There are key differences between the Spirit Dental plans.  Some offer a $3,500 annual maximum while others have lower premiums with lower annual maximums.  But no matter which product you choose, Mayer says, Spirit Dental promises a superior insurance product to protect your oral health, your overall physical health, and your finances.   Key features of all Spirit Plans include:

  • 3 Cleanings per year – Driven by the belief that excellent physical health is closely linked to healthy teeth and gums, all Spirit Dental plans cover 3 cleanings per year.
  • Implant coverage is available with no waiting – Many traditional dental insurance carriers refuse to cover implants by categorizing them as “cosmetic.” Still others claim to cover them – but then impose waiting periods of up to five years. Ask a licensed insurance agent about limitations and exclusions for any plans that you consider.
  • No waiting periods for anything – Your coverage begins immediately upon effective date and with 6 enrollment periods per month, you never have more than 5 days to wait before your enrollment is complete.
  • $1,200, $2,500 or $3,500 annual maximums – Choose a plan that best fits your budget based on your estimated annual dental expenses.
  • $100 Lifetime Deductible – Some insurance companies make you meet an annual deductible before they start paying for your dental expenses.  At Spirit Dental, you can pay a one time, lifetime $100 deductible. 
  • Indemnity or PPO – It’s your choice!  If you have a dentist you love, enter their name in our preferred provider search to see if they’re a member of our network.  If they are, great!  If they’re not, you can keep them and choose one of our indemnity plans.  Or, you can select a dentist from our network of preferred providers and enroll in one of our PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance – You simply select the plan that’s right for you.  No proof of health.  No exclusions.

See for yourself how much better dental insurance can be! 

Tom Mayer invites you to compare Spirit Dental to anyone else in the industry by taking our 30 Second Challenge. “I guarantee you,” says Mayer, “you’ll see the differences.”  After reviewing the results, simply choose the next step that’s best for you.  “We believe we have a products will fit any customer’s needs and I would love to see everyone sign up with Spirit Dental.  But my goal is to see dental insurance improved for everyone in America.  So I would be just as happy if people went back to their giant insurance companies and asked them why they won’t provide $3,500 annual maxim

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