The Importance Of Senior Dental Care

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By: Spirit Dental
July 26, 2015

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With all the talk of affordable health care in the country, have you ever heard of dental care being mentioned? Quite a little, if ever, especially when it comes to senior dental care. In fact, the basic Medicare policy doesn't provide dental coverage. The latest statistics point to only 2% of older Americans having dental insurance. This means older people have to pocket out quite a sum of money on their dental needs since older people require dental care for a variety of reasons. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the oral health issues facing seniors as well as the importance of senior dental care.

Did you know that more than 30% of older people in the country have untreated cavities? Nearly 30% of senior citizens lose their teeth with aging. More than 26% of adults between the ages of 65-75 develop periodontal disease due to their diabetes, respiratory illnesses and heart conditions. Poor oral health can lead to life threatening diseases during old age. A person's mouth changes as he or she ages, and losing teeth is quite common during such age. Also, the nerves in the teeth become smaller when people age. This makes the teeth of seniors less sensitive to cavities and other problems. All these factors mean seniors have to spend more on their oral health as they age. This is where the importance of a good dental coverage is felt the most by such citizens.

Even though the older population is at a higher risk for oral heath problems, most of them do not possess adequate insurance coverage or some of them do not have it at all. Many seniors lose dental coverage at their retirement. Medicare doesn't cover most of the dental work. In fact, the majority of our seniors cannot afford out-of-pocket dental expenses after a certain limit. The situation becomes even worse because poor oral health is directly connected to serious overall health issues such as heart conditions and stroke. The latest scientific research points in this direction. This is why senior dental health care is so important.

Many seniors are perplexed as to how much senior dental health care would cost? It is quite unwarranted since there are so many service providers that offer affordable dental care plans for seniors. A little research of your part is what is required to find these service providers. The internet offers a great option to choose the best dental insurance providers for seniors. A simple search on your preferred search engine may reveal so many high quality insurance service providers in your region. Peruse their websites to learn more about their service features and price ranges. This is the best way to find an affordable dental insurance provider for senior citizens.

In conclusion, the majority of seniors in the country lack quality dental care. It is mainly due to their inability to pocket out the high costs of such treatments. This is where affordable senior dental health coverages come in handy.

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