Holiday Treats and Ideas the Whole Family Will Enjoy

By: Spirit Dental
November 12, 2020

Holiday treats that are healthy for your teeth

This holiday season, you can wow all of your friends and family with delicious treats that won’t wreak havoc on their pearly whites. How can you go about doing so? Check out the ideas below, and then get ready to enjoy the most popular flavors of the most wonderful time of the year.

Bake Pies That Will Delight Your Party Guests

When it comes to holiday desserts, a delicious pie is hard to beat. But you already know that sugar can be detrimental to your dental health, so super sweet pies that leave sticky residues behind on your chompers aren’t ideal.

One pie that you can go with is the classic pumpkin pie. Full of fiber and flavor, it never disappoints. And if you’re making the pie yourself, you have complete control over how much sugar you use, so you can easily cut back. Plus, if you avoid the whipped cream on top, you can take yet another step towards making this a mouth-friendly treat.

Another option would be to make a crumble pie so you can avoid exposing your teeth to the sugar and white flour in pie crust. With a crumble pie that’s made from nut flour, rather than white flour, you can enjoy a healthier treat for your teeth without sacrificing flavor. 

Bake Up Cookies That Are Irresistible  

No holiday celebration would be complete without cookies, right? Choosing those that are made using healthier ingredients, though, is the key. 

For example, nut-based recipes are great because nuts are high in fiber, which can help fill you up so you’ll eat less. Also, when you’re baking cookies at home, you might be able to cut the sugar requirement in half and still enjoy a rich flavor, so don’t be afraid to make a favorite recipe even healthier. Plus, you can use alternatives, such as applesauce, to add sweetness without having to resort to sugar. 

Bake up a batch of the following mouth-friendly cookies for the holidays:

Oatmeal cookies that use applesauce to replace at least the majority of the sugar required are a great way to indulge in a sweet treat guilt-free. Offer these to your guests, rather than setting out chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies.
Gingerbread cookies are a staple of the season, and they’re another smart alternative to sugar cookies because they require a lot less sugar. And if the recipe that you’re using calls for pumpkin, you can also reap the benefits of higher amounts of fiber. Score!

Almond cookies boast good-for-you almonds, so they’re yet another recipe that you can try when you want to avoid high-sugar cookie recipes, especially if you cut back on the amount of sugar that you’re using. 

Choose Dark Chocolate Over Milk Chocolate

Another way to incorporate healthier ingredients into sweet holiday treats: switch to dark chocolate.

Why is dark chocolate better than milk chocolate? Well, not only is it high in antioxidants, but it also contains less sugar, so you can indulge in chocolaty goodness with less guilt.
Regardless of what recipe you’re baking, if it calls for chocolate, opt for the dark variety to help make it a tasty, tooth-friendly delight.

Make Your Own Peppermint and Parfait Treats

Peppermint is a beloved flavor of the holidays. From candy canes to peppermint mocha lattes, you can find it everywhere. But a sugary candy cane isn’t a good idea if you’re hoping to steer clear of foods that are bad for teeth. Instead, if you want to combine mint and chocolate flavors, consider making a pudding with ingredients like dark chocolate and mint extract, or prepare a sugar-free hot cocoa and add some mint extract to it for extra flavor. Yum!

Finally, a fruit parfait can also be a yummy addition to your holiday party dessert menu. Ingredients like granola, nuts, yogurt, and fresh fruit can be a satisfying alternative to sugar-laden treats. Just go easy on the granola if it has a lot of sugar, and leave off the whipped cream.  

Preparing Holiday Treats That Won’t Disappoint Is Easy!

From pies and cookies to chocolate and parfaits, there are so many tasty treats to indulge in during the holiday season. Whether you’re hosting a get-together or just baking up some sweets for your family, the right strategies and recipes can help you rest assured you won’t overdo it on cavity-promoting sugar.

Remember: it’s always a good idea to at least rinse your mouth with water after having something sweet, as doing so can help cleanse the teeth of leftover food particles. But what would be even better is if you brush your teeth shortly after indulging in dessert. And, despite how busy you might be at the end of the year, it’s also wise to keep those dental appointments if you’re due for a checkup or cleaning. 



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