Using Dental Insurance To Avoid Waiting Periods

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By: Spirit Dental
March 11, 2015

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Waiting periods are frustrating. It can become annoying to have to sit through a dental concern because of the waiting period that has been slapped onto your insurance plan.

The reason most people have to go through with this kind of torture has to do with insurance agencies not wanting to deal with patients who have signed up for immediate relief. Instead of having to sit through these waiting periods, here are some of the reasons why dental insurance with no waiting periods is able to push you away from this issue once and for all.

Immediate Care Upon Acceptance

A 'waiting period' is the time that is spent between the signing of the dental insurance plan and when it is in action. This means any dental concern that happens in between this period will not be covered regardless of the client having signed or not. Of course, this can be quite problematic for all parties involved with the client being unhappy due to their coverage not kicking in and the insurance agency being hounded and pressured into changing their minds.

Instead of having to deal with these concerns, insurance agencies are now looking at providing immediate care upon acceptance and trusting their assessment process to do all the work for them.

No Hidden Regulations

There are a number of regulations that can pop up when it comes to waiting periods and it is frustrating for the patient that is looking to get their teeth treated. Anyone that is in this kind of situation should be aiming to read through the plan that is in front of them and ensure there is a direct claim of 'no waiting period' being present.

Hidden regulations lead to additional fees and other unnecessary loopholes that have to be dealt with.


What is the major benefit of going down this route for the patient that is being covered? It all comes down to the simplicity of having 'no waiting periods' attached to the plan. You know as soon as you have signed on the dotted line that you are now covered even if your tooth falls out right when you step out.

This makes it simple to understand and you will know that you are protected financially. Dental issues can come at any time and they do not happen based on your insurance plan. Therefore, waiting periods in general should be avoided.

Waiting periods that are attached with dental insurance plans are unnecessary. With the right assessment process in place, both parties are able to secure trust in one another and move forward from there.

It is recommended to go with 'no waiting periods' as these are insurance agencies that have your best interests in mind. They want to ensure you are getting the coverage that is required from the get go. Anything short of this is not necessary and will be avoided at all costs. The repercussions of waiting periods have been proven as a negative that should be avoided by patients.

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