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By: Spirit Dental
November 24, 2014

Hand holding up small clock waiting

“What is a waiting period and why do I have one on my dental insurance?

“Why isn’t all dental insurance offered with a no waiting period?”

“Why am I still waiting for my insurance to cover my dental procedures?” 

Are these questions you are wondering and maybe even confused about? At Spirit Dental, we keep things simple with no surprises. Once you’ve enrolled in a plan, you’re covered by insurance and can make that appointment with your dentist. We have no waiting period.  What does this mean and how does this help you? 

At Spirit Dental there are no waiting periods for preventive, basic or major services on the Spirit Dental plans. This means that on almost every one of our plans offered you will not be waiting for coverage, as soon as you are effective you are covered. Effective dates are the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of every month, so you’re maximum wait time is 5 days.

Many dental insurance carriers impose a waiting period on plan coverage. This means that after you’ve enrolled in an insurance plan, you have to wait up to twelve to eighteen months before having any of your major services dental needs are covered. You could still be paying your monthly premiums without the benefit of having your dental costs covered, leaving you to pay 100% out of pocket. The impact on your coverage is clear, a waiting period may leave you without coverage – and when you need it most.

At Spirit Dental, we will help you get coverage, answer all questions, and make sure you aren’t waiting to have any necessary dental procedures completed. This means as soon as your policy is effective you can immediately start making those vital and important dental appointments needed to start bettering yourself and your health! Get your 30 second quote today.

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