The Best Foods For Healthy Teeth

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By: Spirit Dental
June 19, 2015

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Have you ever come across people who are the dentists’ favorite patients simply because they never have dental problems? It could be because they take perfect care of their teeth by brushing and flossing after every meal. Or it also could be because they take note of the foods they eat to keep their teeth healthy. Whatever the reason, you need to practice good dental behavior by eating right and brushing regularly to avoid dental issues such as plaque, periodontal disease etc. Here are some foods that you should add to your diet to keep your teeth healthy.

1. Milk

First on the list of teeth fortifying foods includes milk. Basically, milk contains calcium which is beneficial to all the bones in your body as well as teeth. Milk keeps the teeth stronger and healthier and also protects you from getting periodontal disease. Also, it fortifies the jawbone keeping it healthy and strong.

Women are more prone to getting periodontal disease if there is lack of enough calcium in their diet. Therefore, it’s important to drink and eat calcium rich foods with milk at the top of the list. More specifically, you need to take skimmed or low-fat milk which gives you all the nutrients without any clogging of the arteries, like that experienced with whole milk.

2. Salmon

Salmon, a type of fish, is the best source of Vitamin D which is essential for keeping the teeth strong and healthy. Vitamin D allows for proper absorption of calcium which protects the teeth or gums from any oral disease. Basically, taking milk alone doesn’t do all work but taking salmon or other sources of Vitamin D improves the absorption rate of calcium in the body.

3. Oranges

It might look surprising but citrus fruits, more specifically oranges, improve oral health by strengthening the connective tissue as well as the blood vessels. These connective tissues are responsible for maintaining support for the teeth in the jaw. Also, vitamin C found in oranges slows down or prevents the progression rate of gingivitis.

4. Strawberries

Next to oranges, strawberries are also exceptional sources of Vitamin C with help repair your gum and prevent oral diseases. Vitamin C assists in the production of collagen, a crucial protein in maintaining the integrity and strength of your gums. A cup of fresh strawberries everyday will certainly do the trick.

5. Water

Drinking clean water everyday removes any debris left by food and maintains high levels of saliva thereby improving oral health. Saliva is the first line of defense against oral decay since it contains minerals and proteins which are responsible for counteracting acids that affect the enamel. Saliva contains at least 95% of water and it would work wonders if you kept yourself hydrated at all times.

Remember, hydrating yourself with sugary and fizzy drinks is not advisable since the content of this drinks is harmful to your teeth. Taking water also displaces any sugary content left in the mouth thereby keeping you free from oral decay. Add all these foods in your diet and delay the progression of oral diseases or prevent them altogether.

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