The $3500 Max Plan Advantage

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By: Spirit Dental
July 23, 2015

Person Counting Dollar Bills

Dental coverage plans all seem to have one thing in common and it irks patients around the world. What is this commonality between them? It comes in the form of 'maximums' and how they restrict one's ability to receive the treatment needed for their case. Spirit Dental ensures patients are receiving full advantage of their coverage and are able to obtain leeway when it comes to their dental plan and how it works out. This is where the '$3500 Max Plan Advantage' comes into action. Let's take a look at what this entails for the patient.

$3500 Maximum

Yes, this plan is going to ensure the annual maximum is listed at $3500. This is essential for patients who are fretting over cutting things close with their treatment. In fact, the average coverage plan is only going to provide a maximum of $1500. Yes, this is all they are willing to offer in this day and age with rising costs. It can be frustrating to say the least and patients have to make do despite paying higher insurance premiums along the way.

Spirit Dental understands the ground realities of how costs are rising and have ensured the maximum is as high as you need it to be.

Equal For All Patients

Worried it is not going to be the same for all patients who are with Spirit Dental? Feel you are not going to be able to take advantage as others might be able to?

This is not something you have to fret over. In fact, this is one of those solutions that is going to go a long way for one and all. Spirit Dental has structured the coverage to ensure patients who sign up are all going to have the same advantage. This is imperative when the dental costs start piling up in a hurry.

Average Dental Coverage

A study was completed by the National Association of Dental Plans and it stated maximums from other agencies are coming in at just around $1000. This is nothing and is not even close to what some might assume is the reality with $1500.

Spirit Dental doubles what is on offer and even goes beyond this. Patients are going to be able to receive a number of treatments without having to hesitate.

This is the biggest advantage of going with this plan and receiving quality treatment along the way without being scared.

The $3500 Max Plan Advantage is one of the biggest assets a person can have alongside when they are heading to a local dental clinic. You are able to maximize the quality of your treatment without fearing the dreaded maximum looming over your head and restricting what can be done on the teeth. Spirit Dental ensures all details are ironed out for the client to receive the type of treatment, which is going to leave them with a healthy smile as needed on a regular basis. Anything short of this is not going to be good enough.

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