Start The School Year With A Smile: Dental Tips For Kids

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By: Spirit Dental
September 13, 2016

Kids smiling and laughing together

Kids are back in school, and the initial first-week jitters have subsided. At first, there is so much excitement and buzz that getting the routine back in motion can be a challenge.

Whether your plans include an early morning wake-up to make sure your kid’s lunch is packed, or you're a family that prefers a little extra sleep and does the packing the night before, either way, the first few weeks can be tough. After all, research shows that it takes on average 21 days to create a habit.

We want to help provide you with tips and reminders about healthy oral habits. After all, we’re all about teeth!

Our recipe for success:

Good Habits + Routine
A Happy Parent &
Healthy Kid

The initial back-to-school dental checklist:

Dental appointments scheduled

We’re sure your schedule is piling up as you read this, but if you make those dental appointments ahead of time, you can write them down and forget about it until it shows up on the calendar. Advanced scheduling also helps your kid(s) as they know what’s coming and can inform their teachers when they’ll be out.

Morning and evening toothbrush reminders

Whether the kids overslept or it was a rough morning, things can get crazy. A little reminder to stop and brush those pearly whites before leaving the house never hurts.

Here’s a nifty calendar you can use to help track your am/pm brush schedule. You can use stickers or markers to help make it fun for the kids to check off.

Healthy snacks/lunches

As for snacks and lunches, you know best, but avoiding soda and sugary foods is a plus. String cheese is always a great option. It’s healthy and fun! Need a few suggestions, here are some lunchbox ideas.

Additional dental tips worth mentioning:

Mouthguards are key!

If your kid is out on the field and has the potential to get hit in the mouth - you’re going to want a mouthguard. A tightly fitting one at that, especially, if they have braces. Can you imagine getting hit in the mouth and popping a wire? The pain and the expense. Ouch!


If your kid is experiencing any amount of pain, you might want to book an appointment asap. The pain and irritation can cause a kid to lose focus which makes learning that much harder.

The school year doesn’t have to come with additional stress. A little planning combined with healthy habits will help keep the whole family moving in the right direction. This year is going to be great. Between the kids and your schedule, you got this!

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