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By: Spirit Dental
August 5, 2015

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Have missing teeth and feel dental implants are a must? Many dental patients are in this type of situation without having the funds in hand to move forward. Making the right decision is not always the easiest choice, but it does not have to be an arduous task. This is where high quality dental implant coverage comes into action. Let's take a look at what patients receive upon signing up with a high quality dental implant coverage plan. A customized solution in accordance with your dental needs is a must in this day and age. 


Let's begin by understanding the process and what it entails. Dental implants are permanent options, which are fixed into the gum providing long term stability. However, with such security comes a higher price.

The average dental clinic will charge patients around $1,100-$2,000 per tooth and this is a lower estimate compared to what is the going rate in the open market.

This can add up in a hurry for those who need multiple implants in one go.

The coverage is designed to help cover these requirements right from the get go without having depressing conditions attached.

Immediate Coverage

The waiting periods other coverage plans tend to bring along with them are horrendous and can get in the way of a necessary treatment. In fact, many patients end up having to foot the bill regardless of having the plan in place.

This does not have to happen with a professional agency which goes the extra mile to meet your requirements. The days of having to sit through a waiting period are long in the past and you are not going to have this issue with Spirit Dental.

Regardless of your particular case, there are no waiting periods attached to your name upon signing up.

No Hidden Conditions

What about hidden conditions? There are many options on the market, where a person has to deal with hidden conditions. These are conditions where only certain cases and patients merit dental implants within their coverage.

As one can imagine, this is horrible and can lead to a patient not being able to maximize on their coverage as desired. It can also leave one without a penny from the coverage they are paying for.

This does not have to be the case with Spirit Dental where all patients regardless of their case are eligible for dental implants. There is no such thing as partial coverage with Spirit Dental.

Dental implants should never be regarded as a 'cosmetic' surgery. Many agencies feel this is how it should be defined, but reality states these implants are a must. Without the implants, a patient is not able to chew properly nor will their face appear as lively as it should. It can have a direct impact on your quality of life as a whole.

These manufactured implants can make all the difference and being able to afford them is challenging without high quality insurance backing you up along the way.

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