No annual deductible? It’s true!

Dental Health
By: Spirit Dental
May 7, 2010

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We all know the importance of staying healthy, from head to toe, and this often comes with a price. Especially when we take preventative measures, like ensuring we have vision & dental insurance. Unfortunately, if you have to pay the full cost of dental care, you may have a hard time paying your dentist bills. Perhaps even more seriously, without dental coverage you may be tempted to skip regular cleanings and checkups, a decision that could lead to serious dental health problems.

One of the nuisances of insurance is having to pay the deductible. Most dental plans have a specific dollar deductible that you must pay annually. Therefore, during a benefit period, you have to satisfy a portion of your dental bill before your benefit plan will contribute to your cost of dental treatment.

Do you ever wish you could skip this annual deductible?  Well now you can!  Spirit Dental & Vision plans offer a $100 lifetime deductible.  In other words, there are no annual deductibles.  You pay $100 once and never again.  Visit for more details.

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