Millions of Americans Don’t Have Dental Insurance

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Updated Jan. 2022

Having access to quality dental care is important at every age. Unfortunately, a trip to the dentist can come with a hefty bill. For that reason, many people might be forced to postpone the care they need to keep their teeth and gums strong and clean, even though they’d otherwise keep their appointments. 

Dental insurance is the solution to this common problem. And it can be surprisingly affordable, all while giving people the chance to see their dentist without getting hit with super high out-of-pocket costs. Yet, there are millions of Americans who don’t have this type of coverage. 

Just how many people are lacking this valuable support? Check out the information below to learn about some of the latest stats.

More than 70 million people aren’t enrolled in a dental plan

According to a survey by the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, roughly 76.5 million American adults stated that they didn’t have dental insurance. And this research discovered that many people—roughly 6 million—had dental insurance but lost it because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This survey also found that higher income earners are more likely to have dental insurance than lower income earners. While 80% of people making over $100,000 annually had dental coverage, 60% of people earning less than $30,000 annually had this type of insurance. 

Many seniors on Medicare lack dental coverage

Seniors tend to be at a higher risk of developing oral health problems. After all, as you age, your body changes, including your teeth and gums. So, getting regular checkups and high-quality care is necessary to catch problems and treat them before they progress into more serious issues. 

One disappointing finding from the CareQuest survey is the fact that individuals over the age of 60 are the least likely to have dental insurance. And even those who are on Medicare make up a good portion of the number of people without this coverage. More specifically, roughly 25% of survey respondents who are on Medicare stated that they didn’t have enough dental coverage to meet their needs.  

Americans recognize the importance of having dental insurance

Even though so many people don’t have dental insurance, it doesn’t mean that they don’t recognize its importance. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t want it. In fact, CareQuest’s survey found that around ⅔ of adults agree strongly with the idea that Medicare and Medicaid should include coverage for oral health care for adults. 

Stand-alone dental plans are an option for Americans without insurance

Individuals who don’t receive dental insurance from an employer might find it difficult to afford a stand-alone plan. Or, they might not be aware that they have the option of getting this type of insurance on their own. 

If you want to shop for dental coverage for yourself and your family, you can do so rather easily at any time throughout the year, without needing to wait for Open Enrollment. Contacting insurance providers directly can be a great way to see which plans are available.  

Do you need dental insurance? Spirit Dental can help!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who don’t have dental insurance for themselves and their families, and you’re ready to get the protection you need so you can more affordably see the dentist whenever you want, check out the many plans offered by Spirit Dental.

At Spirit Dental, you can find plans for individuals, families and seniors. You can get comprehensive coverage that will be there to support you, whether you need a simple professional cleaning or you need to get an expensive dental implant to replace a missing tooth. And the best part is you may be able to find a plan that will give you what you want at a price you can comfortably afford, so you’ll never have to go another day without dental coverage!  





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