How to Care for Your Teeth

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By: Spirit Dental
June 28, 2016

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This article is taking it back to the basics. Keeping a consistent oral routine can help prevent future complications and will contribute to maintaining your overall health. You read that correctly; your overall health is connected to your oral care - which confirms why the below is so important.

Brush. Floss. Rinse. Repeat

To start, a rule of thumb you should follow, brush your teeth at least 2X a day or after every meal. Getting into a routine can help make the activity seem unforgettable. Brush first thing when you wake up, and before bed.

Most dentists would recommend using a soft-bristled brush or electric toothbrush for the best results. Don’t skimp on the amount of time - spend at least 2 minutes covering every inch of your mouth. Also, don’t forget to brush or scrape the tongue as it holds bacteria and needs to be cleaned.

Next up, grab the floss and attempt to get into every little crevice of your teeth. A simple up and down movement between each one, unfortunately, won’t do. Try to move the floss along each tooth as far up into the gums as it will go.

This just ensures you are capturing what your toothbrush might not have been able to reach. If you haven’t flossed in a while, you may experience some bleeding along your gum line which should dissipate after a few sessions.

Finish your routine with a swig of mouthwash. It’s just another vessel that can contain fluoride (which you want!) and helps kill unwanted bacteria.

Nutrition Is Key

Today’s nutritional approach is much more than "don’t eat sugar." Ensuring that you receive adequate nutrition is crucial.

Lean proteins such as poultry, fish, milk, and eggs are rich in phosphorus which can help strengthen your teeth. Fruits and vegetables also help aid in more ways than one. They are rich in fiber and can help clean your teeth with their natural sugars, and when chewing, the active process helps generate saliva production which can help remove harmful food particles and acids from your teeth.

A few things to stay away from are citrus fruits. Although they are packed with Vitamin C and other nutrients, their high acidity can erode teeth enamel over time.

When it comes to your teeth, think about your body. Is what you’re choosing to consume good for you?

Visit The Dentist

Whether you have insurance or not, a yearly visit to the dentist is highly recommended. Taking steps to help prevent a major issue before it surfaces is both beneficial for your health and your pocketbook. If you do have insurance, most policies cover annual preventive care visits - making it an easy choice for you to not neglect your teeth.

Thanks for the read, happy brushing!

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