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By: Spirit Dental
February 26, 2011

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Spirit Dental Insurance is one of the most popular dental plans in the country. One of the top reasons for that is that the plan offers three free dental cleanings per year as opposed to two with other dental insurance plans.

Your teeth are one of the first things that anyone notices about you. Having an extra cleaning every year keeps them cleaner and whiter, making them more attractive to others. Tom Mayer of Direct benefits says that is just one of the many reasons that Spirit is the best dental insurance plan in the country.

Spirit was designed to be a ground-breaking dental insurance plan. There are no waiting periods. You can start using your plan right away. Major services are covered, which include crowns, root canals, dental implants, dentures and bridges.

Another great feature is that you have the option of $1,200, $2,000, and $3,000 deductibles. The majority of dental plans have $1,000 yearly deductibles and that doesn't go very far at the dentist's office when something major happens.

If you are looking for a great dental plan, Spirit Dental just may be the right plan for you and your family.

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