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By: Spirit Dental
June 11, 2015

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Plaque is one of the leading causes of oral decay for most people in the world. It is caused by leftover food particles in the teeth that rot and cause discoloring in the teeth. Even worse, it’s the start of many dental issues that might develop later on. Brushing and flossing after every meal are two ways you can keep your teeth healthy. This way, you can get rid of all the food particles or sugars that combine with other bacteria in your mouth to form plaque.

Besides these two, consuming foods that are healthy for your teeth is yet another good way to delay progression of gum disease, tooth decay, cavities and much more. There have been numerous studies done by researchers set to identify the best foods for this fete and the results have concluded the following foods.

1. Tea

Black or green tea contains compounds, referred to as polyphenols that can reduce the growth rate of bacteria that contribute to plaque. A recent study in Chicago identified that rinsing your mouth with black tea just for a minute at least 10 times every day will reduce plaque buildup even better than doing it with water. Even better, black tea contains compounds that fights halitosis (bad breath) since it suppresses the formation of bacteria responsible for creating smell in the mouth.

2. Cheese

A recent study identified that preteens who consumed cheddar cheese regularly reported lower levels of acid in their mouth compared to those who consumed milk regularly or sugar-free yogurt. After eating cheese, rinsing your mouth with water basically reduces the acid levels in the mouth that are responsible for tooth decay among other oral health issues. Besides that, cheese also improves production of saliva which is responsible to reducing the acid levels in the mouth.

3. Raisins

Raisins contain natural sugar not processed types like sucrose which is bad for your teeth. Plaque is mostly produced if a person fails to rinse the mouth after consuming sugary products that stick to the surface. Raisins also contain phytochemicals which are responsible for obliterating bacteria in the mouth. Also, raisins contain compounds that slow down the growth of bacteria responsible for periodontal disease.

4. Crunchy Foods

Eating crunchy natural foods such as cucumbers, carrots or apples might take some serious effort to break down completely. It might seem in vain, but the chewing is responsible for disturbing dental plaque thereby cleansing the teeth from any related bacteria. Of course, it’s important to rinse your mouth of eating such foods to remove any debris that might cause plaque or cavities.

5. Foods Rich In Vitamins

Cheese, leafy greens and almonds contain calcium, phosphorous and vitamins that are responsible for keeping oral decay at bay. This keeps the enamel strong and healthy. On the other hand, it also helps clear out any bacteria responsible for causing plaque or other oral diseases. Fruits and vegetables also fall under this category and adding them in your diet will keep your teeth healthy.

Try out all these types of foods and keep your teeth healthy!

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