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By: Spirit Dental
January 1, 2011

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Most people don’t think of their mouth as a source of disease. So what if I have bleeding of the gums or I offend because of bad breath? Both of these conditions are indicators of a disease process and they should be checked by your dentist. In fact, if your dentist or dental hygienist isn’t checking your gums at each of your dental visits;  it’s time to look for a new dentist. The fact is that our mouths contain so many different forms of bacteria that it is literally a launching pad for disease in general. These bacteria will cause bad breadth, sore gums, bleeding when brushing and eventually the loss of teeth.  It is a proven fact that gum disease can provoke heart disease, stroke, diabetes and may worsen osteoporsis. Gum disease is essentially a silent killer. Do not ignore it because more than your teeth may go away because of this disease

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