Choosing Your Own Dentist With Each Dental Plan

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By: Spirit Dental
March 19, 2015

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One of the biggest concerns anyone has before choosing a dental plan is whether or not they'll have access to a dentist of their choosing. All plans have some degree of flexibility and freedom when it comes to choosing your own dentist. Some plans have more freedom than others, but at a greater cost.

Choosing Your Dentist With DPPO.

Dental PPO plans offer the most flexibility when it comes to choosing your own dentist. Then insurance provider has their own network of select dentist and other specialists. You are encouraged to select a dentist from within this network, but it isn't mandatory.

You have the freedom to work with any dentist of your choosing. That means you can research all of your local options, visit a few different dentists, and you never have to select a primary care provider. There's no paperwork required to change dentists. You're free to find the dentist for you through personal experience, which is much more difficult with a DHMO plan.

While the DPPO plan does allow you to choose any dentist you like, there are certain benefits that come from choosing a dentist who is within the provider's preferred network. Choosing a preferred dentist ensures you save the most money by paying the least at the time of the visit. You don't have to choose a primary care provider and still have the freedom to choose another dentist at any time you like.

Choosing Your Dentist With Indemnity Insurance.

The final option is indemnity insurance. These allow you choose any dental care provider of your choice, but whether or not the insurance provider pays for it is determined by the service itself. These usually cost the most out of pocket.

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