5 Fun Treats for the New Year

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By: Spirit Dental
December 30, 2016

Balloons with smiles on them

Now that the holidays are soon to be over, fun holiday shaped treats will no longer be in season. But what does that mean for you and the healthy food you were able to disguise into fun treats for your kids? It doesn't have to mean a thing!

As we approach a new year, healthy eating and keeping up with good habits comes to the forefront for most individuals as we start to think about resolutions. Keeping a constant, healthy diet is good for both your body and teeth.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of five great snacks you can make for yourself or your kids. Just because there isn’t a holiday to celebrate, doesn’t mean we need to make eating healthy boring.

1. Teddy Bear Toast

Source: craftmorning.com

Whole wheat toast, a little peanut or almond butter, raisins and bananas - how simple is that! It’s cute, delicious, and hard to say no to. I mean, look at that face!

2. Owl Rice Cakes 

Source: afewshortcuts.com

Getting kids to eat rice cakes instead of Doritos seems like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only is this a healthy snack, but it's also one we can see your kids continually asking for because who doesn’t love playing with their food?!

Needs: Rice cakes, peanut or almond butter, Cheerios, bananas, blueberries, an apple, and cantaloupe.

3. Butterfly Snacks


Cute and perfect for an on-the-go snack or in a school lunch. You can have your kids help you paint the safety pins and add eyes! The pipe cleaner antenna goes on last as it just slides in at the end.

Directions: Fill a snack size plastic bag ¾ of the way full. You can add grapes and Goldfish as seen in the image or any other healthy snacks you have in the house. Seal the bag, clip the safety pin over the middle. Next, take about a 6-inch pipe cleaner, bend it n half and slide it towards the back of the safety pin, so it stays in place. Voila!

4. Sushi Sandwich

Source: Babble

Sushi rolls are a perfect way to make an ordinary sandwich a fun meal. Plus, it’s a fun activity that will help keep the kids busy. These can be made with any ingredients that you like. Peanut butter and jelly is another great option to the above turkey and veggie roll.

To get started, take a piece of sliced bread, cut off the edges and work the bread till it becomes a little flatter. Next, slice your ingredients into little strips about the width of the bread. Spread mustard, mayo, or the condiment of your choice on the bread. Then place one piece of each ingredient on one end and roll! From there, slice it into bite-sized pieces and enjoy.

5. Cheese Monsters

Source: Danya Banya

It all starts with a package of mini Babybel cheese! Take a paring knife and cut through the outer layer to make the teeth/mouths. From there, the kids can help add on the googly eyes. To prevent glue from getting on the cheese, take a small cup, add a little glue and get a popsicle stick. Using the popsicle stick can help make sure the glue is contained to the stick and not on your kids fingers!

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