Optimizing Communication Skills for success

By: Dr. David Hornbook
April 13, 2020

Mouth with braces

I have been in clinical practice for the past 33 years and have experienced much success that can be attributed to good communication between my dental laboratory technicians and me, and the journey included learning from any mistakes made along the way as well. Over my career, I also founded several live-patient aesthetic programs that paired up the attending clinicians with ceramists, teaching and emphasizing a collaborative approach to dentistry. In addition, I have had the valuable experience of being the director of education at Utah Valley Dental Lab for the past 3 years. My role there is to act as a liaison between the clinicians and ceramists. This has allowed me to directly witness the importance of great doctor-technician communication skills and the compromises that can and will occur with poor, little, or even no communication.

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  • 10/1/2023

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