Dental Insurance

A variety of dental insurance options tailored to your needs

Finding the right dental insurance plan with the right options can be complicated. At Spirit Dental, we make it easy by offering affordable insurance plans with guaranteed acceptance and no waiting periods.*

Affordable Dental Coverage Options

Spirit Dental offers a variety of dental insurance options tailored to your needs. We have plans available for individuals, couples, and families. For more information on coverage that might pertain to your situation, visit the below links:

As a parent, your children are a main concern. For that reason, we’ve broken out information on our children’s coverage and orthodontics:

Spirit Insurance Plan Options

Spirit Dental offers two insurance plan options as well as the opportunity to add vision insurance. Within each of our plan options (Network and Choice) you have two choices. The main difference between the choices are the max benefits. To help clarify each plan and the benefits, click on the plan options below:

Review our dental insurance options and plans today and you’ll see why we believe Spirit Dental will be able to help you find a plan to best fit your needs.

Dental Insurance FAQs

Is it worth it to have dental insurance?

Yes! Oral health is integral to overall health and good oral health is an important component to your overall wellbeing.

Some people might say, “I’ll just use a savings account to cover dental expenses”, and while self-insuring may be a good plan for some, most do not follow-through with preventive care and find themselves needing insurance later on for costly major work.

On top of that, when you’re not insured, you aren’t gaining access to discounted rates that insurance companies are given for services, meaning you’ll be paying much more for dental care.

Dental insurance is worth it. While premiums may seem like an unnecessary cost, dental insurance is an important preventive tool as well as a safety net so you can protect your health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.

How does dental insurance work?
We like to say we share the cost with you – With a Spirit Dental Insurance plan, you pay a monthly premium, you pay one deductible for the entire lifetime of the plan, if applicable for the service, and then the plan helps pay for your dental services and procedures from there. Putting it simply, we help you foot the bill for your dental care.
Can I purchase dental insurance on my own?

Yes, you can! And you should – studies show that individuals with dental insurance have been found to be more likely to go to the dentist for preventive care.

If dental insurance is not available to you through an employer and you are above the age of 18, you can purchase private dental insurance that is separate from your medical insurance plan.